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Oh Canv - How rotten for someone to do that to you. I thought the seal gag was great, Merv and I had a good chuckle about it at Park Lane yesterday. Also had some thoughts on who Canvey-Lad may be, I think he has something to with that Bin Laden, trying to create some terror on the website, just about succeeded too. grin.gif" border="0

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pesky animal lovers.... as for canvey lad, he is as about as real as heybridges title chances.. shocked.gif" border="0 <BR>so predictions for tuesday night then vic..im banking on canvey to win 2.0 the weather looks ok cobb n tilson.. hopefully we can cut out all this consolation goal business as well!<BR>that should round up a sucessful september and leave us top of the league as billericay turn gravesend over..that'll do me after the start of the season...we have yet to play any of the top teams apart from aldershot, our december fixtures look a bit ugly...lets hope we do better than we did last december..and finally grays!!! whats that all about

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