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Race Night Reminder


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Race night reminder.

we are holding a race night on Saturday the 6Th of March, at the Hartsdown. Admission as been reduced from £5 to £2 and includes a hot supper. Surely a great value night out. &-00pm for a &-20pm start.

If anyone wants to know how it works i have taken the liberty of copying a previous post of "cookies".


8 races all consisting of 8 runners. Betting is £1 per horse (no restrictions on how many you buy). Whole evening = 2 1/2 - 3 hours approx duration. All betting done on "tote" system.


An example



Horse 1 tickets sold = 23

Horse 2 tickets sold = 8

Horse 3 tickets sold =15

Horse 4 tickets sold = 6

Horse 5 tickets sold = 10

Horse 6 tickets sold = 5

Horse 7 tickets sold = 12

Horse 8 tickets sold = 1

Grand total of 80 tickets sold. A small percentage is taken out for donations i.e 30%. Therefore £80 - £24 = £56

The race is run!!. (The race which will be shown will be picked out at random by a participant on the night).


This remaining £56 will divided into the amount of tickets on the winning horse.

i.e Horse 2 wins, there are 8 winning tickets. Each winning ticket receives share of £56 which equals = £7 each i.e (6/1) If you have bought 2 tickets on horse no 2 you get 2 x £7 & so on.On the above example, Horse 8 (should it have won), that 1 winning ticket receives £56 (55-1)



ALL losing tickets go in to a draw (with persons name on the back) & some "free" bets will be available on the following race for those coming out of the hat. This happens after EVERY race.

Who knows you could spend £1,£2 or £3 1st race,get lucky & get a "free" ticket or more drawn out every time & get free bets for the rest of the evening. A long shot I know but it COULD happen.



Blueblood can inform you of other ways "prior" to the night in which you can "sponsor" horses/races.

Those who's horses win on the night,those lucky sponsors will get a cash prize also. So even if you CAN'T get there on the night you can still sponsor runners/races & make a few quid as well as helping out the club.

In the past "sponsors" will have had the added opportunity of naming their own sponsored horse for that night too & have their name on the race card also (optional) as the sponsor of that horse/race.This may be on offer again (contact Blueblood)[/]

Prices for sponsoring yet to be finalised but I guess for sponsoring a horse it would only be a few quid or so. (Inquire re: Blueblood for more details on sponsoring)

Race sponsorships=£20. individual horses=£5. please feel free to pm me for details or phone me on 07737996612

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