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AFC Hornchurch Race Night - Free Entry!

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AFC Hornchurch Supporters Association are pleased to announce our first (hopefully of many) Race Night on Friday 9th April 2010


Doors open at 7.30pm and First race will be at 8pm and it is free entry for all - children welcome as well!


There won't just be races but many other side events thrown into the mix as well.


Please support this event as we hope it will be a big success,more information to follow

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I have a sheet of paper with 300 different squares on it,each one has a different forecast on it,for the race night.ie 1-2-3 or 4-2-1 (the order for which horses finish in a race)

Each square is £1 and the winning square will be drawn on the night and the winner will get £100.This will help us pay for the event if we can fill the sheet or at least nearly fill it.

We will start doing this on Tuesday night at the Chelmsford game,at the moment i have the sheet but i won't be able to do that with the 50/50 so i will get someone else to do it on the night,just ask me and i will tell you who it is.

You can have as many go's as you want,if you can't make the race night,don't worry,whatever square that is drawn out will win the prize and the winner will be notified asap,we will not draw it again to get a winner because someone isn't there.Please support this event as they are fun and do ultimatley help the supporters club and therefore the club.This event is open to everyone.

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Wally,i was asked to put it down mate,me personally,i am not sure whether charging is a good idea or not.I sometimes think there is too much emphasis on charging for events,that the bar takes a good hammering should be enough,although saying this,this event costs a bit to put on and i thought the idea of paying for the event was to do the tri cast before each games,but so far we have obly got around 25 tickets sold,we need £200 of squares to break even.Trouble is that i can't do that,50/50 and away travel before the game and it needs someone to actually push people.I am sure it will get full but we need someone to push it at the canvey game as this event is only 3 weeks after the game.

i think we could do with speaking about this thursday but if anyone can do this before the game thursday let me know.

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I think that someone from the club asked why there was no charge,i was then approached and told that it would be £5.

I think that the tri cast form we are doing should be enough,that will pay for the event if we fill out the forms £300 squares.

I am actually with you on this wally after reflection,people are going to gamble away enough money,spend enough over the bar and hopefully get involved in a raffle and/or the tri cast to then pay £5 for the privelage of spending money.I think it should be free,will not change it till after we have all spoken on thursday



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It is something i suggested last night,we will make a decision on that thursday at our meeting but it is something i am pushing for,maybe sausage & chips,scampi etc

If you would like to eat at the night let me know so we know if it will be worthwile or not

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