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6th March results

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Stansted 3 Burnham2


Good game, Stansted took te lead within 90 secounds, burnham came back to lead 2-1 at half time.

Chris Lewis then missed a sitter to make it 3-1 Then Stansted came back to win in the 89th minute.


Stansted also had 4 shots kicked off the line, chances at both emnds great advert for ESL football.


Other results I have heard,


barkingside drew 1-1 Enfield, Witham beat BGU 2-1 and Takely hit Mauriyius 6-1(apologies if I have got this wrong)

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1 1 Barkingside v Enfield 1893

Attendance 93


1 3 Basildon United v Barking

Attendance 33


0 1 Bowers & Pitsea v Sawbridgeworth Town

Attendance 41


2 2 Clapton v London APSA

Attendance 15


0 2 Hullbridge Sports v Tiptree United

Attendance 25


4 1 Southend Manor v Eton Manor

Attendance 37


3 2 Stansted v Burnham Ramblers

Attendance 42


6 1 Takeley v Mauritius Sports Association

Attendance 34


2 1 Witham Town v Bethnal Green United

Attendance 114

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