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3 points !!! Another 3 points...When do we ever score a goal in the last seconds of a game ?? !! Is our luck just beginning to turn ?!?!


I defy anyone to say last night was a corker of a game but as Ryan pointed out at the end "history books will only ever see the result" Pretty fair summarisation really.


Personally for me i thought Wareham was our mom and from what i have seen could be in running for player of month.


Defensively we still look exceedingly tight and that is as good a compliment as any.


Still the only slight on the night (for me) was simply our second half showing as we just did not seem to get going and i think their keeper did not make a save in that second period. But as far as i am concerned we are half way to the target of the 6 points from our home game from last night and now onto Saturday...Jeez...If we win on Sat that will be 9 from 9 !!!!!!


Shinn being sent off for kicking ball away seemed harsh when their player did the same later, but it did get evened up.


Like i said, not a pretty game but those "history books" dont report drab affairs :)


Well done lads ! Can we just have a few more shots :)

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At last an injury time winner that goes our way! Not the best of games, a little bit 'after the Lord Mayor's Show' I guess but the three points are what matters. I seem to recall conceding an against the run of play late winner at their place early on in the season too.


I thought there was a tendency to give the ball away again far too cheaply in the second half and agree Wareham looked useful again. The ref was consistently inconsistent in his decision making, especially with his interpretation of kicking the ball away although it wasn't very clever from Shinn, already being on a yellow card.


Another three points Saturday and things will be looking up



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As I'm sure you'll understand - for us that was a damned frustrating way to lose a game. If only we'd not made that challenge to give away the free kick! I'd have been more than happy to have gone home with the score ending at 0-0. We certainly hadn't created enough to win it.


Interestingly, speaking to a couple of members of your coaching staff after the game, they said that Shinn's red card was thoroughly deserved, but ours was harsh - not because of the second, utterly stupid challenge, but because of the soft nature of his first yellow. But that's what you get with referee's at this level, and we all have to live with it.


I thought both sides gave the ball away a lot in midfield, second half particularly, and especially during that utterly fast and frantic 10-15 minutes prior to Shinn being sent off. First half I thought both sides played some good one touch football in their build up play.


Off the field, I was surprised with how low the attendance was, even allowing for the fact there was no more than 10 of us from Hendon, including officials, there last night. Burger was top quality as always, one of the best in the division.


Good luck for the rest of the season, as long as you don't stay up at our expense!

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As I'm sure you'll understand - for us that was a damned frustrating way to lose a game



That I'm afraid has been the story of our luck all season, Nice to see that turn last night and i think we shaded it all the way.

Any one that was not at the Dartford game will wonder what the hell we were all talking about based on last nights performance. The Lad's really don't need to drop to the standards of the opposition.

We have eventually got a good squad now and subs are available to come on as and when and not as emergency replacements. (Well done The Management)


As soon as we sat back we invited them to have shot's at goal, Thankfully we didn't end up paying for it in the end.

Chuffed to see Wilds score AGAIN.

MOM Dave Wareham.


Good to see the adverts starting to come in on the screen.


Margate Hmmm i wonder!

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The ref did his best..bless him.



An ugly 1-0 victory, just what the doctor ordered, but we will have to up our game on Saturday against Maidstine, Margate if we are to get anything out of that game.


Yeah, DW had another great game, motm in the last three for me. We praps made hard work of it last night by not linking the play anywhere near as well as we did on Saturday. Jacob injected a bit of passion when he came on, which seemed to give our lads a lift as they pushed for a winner. Great delivery for the goal, and anther one notched up for the big fella.


3 points is 3 points, Well done guys. :applaus:

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In the circumstances, quite arguably our best and most important 3 points of the season.


There were only 3 things of note in the whole game; the 2 sending offs and the goal. The less said about Shinn's sending off the better :flame: , but well done to the Cowshed for their influence on the referee in getting Hendon's number 2 his marching orders.


I'm sure that on another day the winning goal would have been ruled out, but we're due a bit of luck. Lets hope we capitalise on that luck on Saturday.

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A scrappy game but 3 points is three badly needed points for us. a different performance to that at the Dartford game, seemed to give away possession more, less accurate passing, however everyone dug in to eventually get the win, Wareham has put in a lot of effort over the last couple of games, and ran his boots off last night. Cleaver did up the tempo when he came on towards the end which helped push us forward for the goal.


another 3 points on Saturday to put some distance between us and the drop zone.

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Sorry but I was very disapointed with that as much as we ended up three points to the good. As regards some players, where was the work, the passion, the wanting to do well, if not for the club or your team mates, for yourself. Certain players were walking about looking as if the last thing they wanted to do was play football. One thing Brian has always said, we defend from the front...last night we didn't and if Hendon were better in front of goal, we would've paid for that.


I thought Shinn played well, Wareham as well...our defence held out and was strong (as usual) but where against Dartford we were holding the ball up, allowing players to join and put them under pressure, last night the ball was pinging back as fast as we could get it out, which just puts us under pressure.


So the history books will look at the result and that is fair enough...I'm looking at that performance and wondering if we repeat that against Margate, there is no gauarantee we'll repaet the result. Dartford showed we have a good squad of players BUT they have to do it against the Hendon's, Margate's as well as the Dartford's. If we fail to consolidate our position in the league for next season, we have ourselves to blame.


Or the rubbish officials who must be on drugs with some of the things they (don't) see.


And Russell Pond as left back!!!????


Still and being a little calmer...three points.

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I'll have the Sh!!t performance and three points, over a we played really well and lost, every time.

Infact I've had enough of the, we played really well and lost's, to last me several seasons.


I wonder if Hendon were dissapointed when they snatched victory from us at their gaff?


The goal was from a Great delivery and a good finish...3 points in the back pocket. :rockon:

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