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Billericay Town v Bognor Regis Town

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Team: nicholls haswell cousins green o'rawe wild street hall thomas charge wareham.

Subs: english Chatting marsh cleaver england

Billericay Town 1 Bognor 0 (Charge 9m)

HT: Billericay Town 1 Bognor Regis Town 0

FT: Billericay Town 1 Bognor Regis Town 0 brille008.gif

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Great to be safe for the season. To be honest it has been a pretty gruelling season and you have to be a diehard Blues supporter to come along every week for some dreadful football. But on reflection towards the end of November we had 10 points and were rock bottom in the league - despite the trials and tribulations we now have 51 points and are ahead of C****y, who would have thought that !!!


As fans we have all been pretty fickle on this forum but job done and I think we should pay tribute to the team, supporters, management and particularly the chairman for hanging in there and ensuring our survival.


The match today was pretty dreadful but hey ho the sun was shining and we won !! Without doubt the best player on the park was Michael Birmingham - I have seen this guy before he really controls the midfield and was only undone today by some pretty poor players around him. The Bognor fans we spoke to said he is not yet drawing his pension but has played for them forever !! This is just the sort of player we need in our midfield ( although preferably a couple of years younger!)


So we are safely clear of relegation and lets hope Tuesday night we can relax, play some expressive football and give Aveley a good thrashing.

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Happy days...the sun was out and we are safe :discobanana: Another clean sheet, another goal line clearance from Cuz, and another hard working performance from the lads who were out on their feet at the end after a busy schedule recently. We can all look forward to our last couple of games with none of the pressure that we have had to endure for most of the season.Well done to Pondy and Lee Kersey for picking up the "major" gongs.Come on you Blues!!

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Good to get the win, even it was one of the more nervous games I can remember at New Lodge, for players and supporters alike.


What has been very encouraging in recent games is the way that some of the younger players have stepped up to the plate in high pressure games - if we can keep the likes of Danny Charge, Danny Green, Matt Hall and Bobby Aisien at the club for next season then we have a core of young players who have shown they're capable of producing performances under pressure.


I hope Bognor stay up, much rather be going there next season than Margate or Ashford.

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Oh YES.... great to finally make it SAFE... here's to all those who kept the Faith.... feels good.....well done :applaus: we can enjoy the last couple of games and perhaps put a spanner in the works for Aveley.... :icon29:

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Not a pretty game with a few heart stopping moments but we got the three points which was the most important thing.


Well done to all involved, let's hope with the pressure off we can see an enjoyable last couple of games.


Already looking forward to next season (and promotion!)



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