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Blues new manager announced as.....

Andy P

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Craig Edwards was doing a good job at the County Town before they ditched him for King et al. Welcome to 'ricay and good luck in keeping the core of this team together for next season.


Things are looking up.

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Welcome Craig and all the best.


I would just like to join with Steve U to congratulate John Mifsud and Paul Moody for doing a superb job on the team since they took on their "caretaker" roles. As well as thank Cuz and the players for responding so well. I think we're all looking forwards the future with a little more hope for a brighter future for the club.

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I would just like to echo Gazza's comments.


Here's to success next season (and this Saturday)



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Wishing Craig all the best ! Over the years he produced some good teams notably Redbridge and our neighbours before he got banished by the King clan. It certainly will not be a quiet touchline and looking forward to it.


Once again, give credit to JM and PM for getting the team through the final stages. 4 wins in 6 is a commendable return.


Come on Craig....get the lads going !!! :)

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Congrats to Craig and a big welcome to him and Lyndon.


I think this is a solid appointment and an experienced head is just what we need right now. As said Craig will probably know quite a few of the players anyway and the indications that he is looking to keep quite a few of this year's squad is a positive start. I do think it's important that we all give Craig the time to get things right as continually changing managers is clearly not a recipe for success.


I can only echo the other comments about John and Paul. They have done really well these last few weeks and it's good to see it looks like they will still be having a positive impact on the club next season and beyond.


Come on you Blues!!

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A good solid appointment and a manager that knows the Ryman Premier well. This time last year Brian Statham came in and had to dismantle the side and start again. Edwards job should be a bit easier if he manages to hold on to the core of this team for next season. If Dartford and Sutton are the benchmarks for getting out this league, then we're not very far away. Took a fair bit of stick from us when at the Cardboards, but we'll gloss over that now!


I echo the comments above about John Mifsud, hopefully the players will sign him off with an emphatic win on Saturday.

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And I didn't even get to finish my CV ;-)


Good luck Craig and I too agree with you all in thanking Mifsud & Moody. As Keith said 4 out of 6 is bloody brilliant considering our record of late. BTW, thought Tuesdays match was excellent. If only Bricknell was fit and Thomas was unfit would have been a dream team! Danny and Chargie played superbly.


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