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Canv - I have just visited the above message board; you are to honoured for your 'battle royal', a lone fight it seems, sorry I was not available to give covering fire. To be frank I don't visit there very often now. The board is cluttered with 'we hate Canvey' messages, they are best left to stew in their own gravy, we are not welcome on that board anyway. If you really want to get up their knoses, perhaps it may be a good idea to create a rota and post a message now and again and just say how great it is to support Canvey FC, that would send them off into one.

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hehe cheers vic... it wern't pretty in there and the language was er..industrial shall we say, but to be honest i quite like the banter with stoneface wealdstone fan and especially grim .. it cetainly livens up a boring afternoon, but im sure some people may take it to heart...i dont look at that board much now either but i reckon that may have to change as steve who runs it seems pretty cool about letting things slide..not one for the kiddies tho mad.gif" border="0

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