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northfleet nigel

Our Manager is not panicking.........

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Glad to read Mr Ford is not 'panicking'. The problem is, will he still be around to pick up the pieces ? Players and Managers alike come and go, but loyal supporters never leave.


Sad facts are that pre-season was an absolute disaster. The changes to the squad thus far have resulted in us having a weaker squad than last season. We are still experimenting three games in, i.e having our 'pre-season' now. We are having to cope without a striker of note and on Saturday, we left our only recognised Striker on the bench and played with a centre back up front !


I have grave concerns about what is going on at the moment and if we fail to register any points after 5 games, then major changes need to made. For want of repeating the same facts, we need a points haul of 12 from each block of 10 games. Therefore, we need to obtain 12 from the next 5 games including games against Chester and Scarborough.


The chances of that ? Answers on a postcard to Mr A.Ford.




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