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Mr Aitkin's coments in the Reporter

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re "Youngsters left without a place"
How very ironic. Mr Aitkin speaks of "Petty politics causing the exclusion of 16 youngsters from competing in their favourite sport".
Mr Aitkin these youngsters have the same opportunity to compete as was afforded to the 9 youngsters dismissed by G & N earlier this year, ie find another team or don't play. In terms of the work in the Community,just what is going on? As I understand it people were contacting the club re summer courses and nothing was available. Also no representation from the youngsters in the summer events in town.
This whole issue with the youngsters was well discussed on this forum earlier in the year, but please bear in mind what happened then, before complaining that outside influences (local leagues) are being unkind to Fleet Youngsters.

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I have just found out that the Bexley League have allowed the U11 team into their league.

They are playing in the U11 `C' League & are doing very well.

21/9/03 Orpington Rovers `B' 1 G&N 13.
28/9/03 Kingfisher Colts 0 G&N 13.

Good luck boys.

Mike F

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