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Upgrading of the site software

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I will shortly be upgrading the majority of the software used on this site.


This is quite a large update and so requires quite a bit of testing from me.


You can take a peek at the new software by going to http://www.nonleague.co.uk/beta - your exisiting login will work as long as you opened an account prior to around 1pm yesterday (Sunday 31st July) - you can post anything in any thread as it is a duplicate database.


A couple of things before you do jump over there.....


  • If things do not look correct in IE7, IE8 or IE9, please ensure that compatibility mode is disabled.
  • IE6 is no longer supported and pages will look wrong - we need to move with the times - sorry if this causes you an issue.
  • Photos / Avatars - these are now merged - I am electing to keep avatars, so photos will be lost if these are part of your profile - however easy to reupload
  • Links - some internal links will return you to the main site - don't worry too much, these will obviously be fine, once we upgrade
  • Some apps like the links directory have not yet been upgraded, they hopefully will be prior to any conversion
  • The site is likely to change at random as I make changes.
  • If you spot any issues, which you think I am not aware of, please let me know in this thread. It is appreciated.
  • Moderators - you now have your own control panel to do your work :)
  • Many other features are new and I will highlight these upon full conversion.



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