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Wobbly Wayne rides again

As the run has come to an end

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With the end of our unbeaten run, I suppose it's about time,

that I should make this my last pre match poem and rhyme,

But lets not forget, with unswerving support good true,

and tomorrow getting behind our boys in blue,

we might just nick a point or three,

and we can come back down the Motorway very happy !



Unfortunately won't be there tomorrow, but should see you all in Northwich ..

So all those that do make the long trip please give them a ' c'mon you rip roaring fleet' and enjoy the hospitality and pie n' peas in the social club, but don't mention Jim bowen tho !!



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The 'Few' are already up there up there, I believe and coming back Sunday.


You on the coach next week, Wobbly, old chap.? I shall have a 12-pack in my possession and would be happy to share a tinny or two if you desire.

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