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Why not add your football matches to our calendar?

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A newly enhanced section within our community are our calendars.


We have three calendars - Football Matches / Community Events / Birthdays


Football Matches


An example of a football match that has been posted can be found here. You can see that the body allows for additional text - maybe admission prices, coach details for fans, information for away supporters etc. Remember the more you add, the more that search engines such as Google will pick up, the more publicity your club will get. You can use the normal features such as bold, underline, italics, font size, font colour, as well as images, smilies etc.


Community Events


Is your club running a social event? Why not use the Community Event calendar to publicise it! The posting box allows you to add all the critical information, date, time, cost etc., which can only aid in increasing the publicity and revenue received for your club.


Member Birthdays


So as not to dilute either of the above two calendars, the birthdays can now be found on their own calendar. Each day will show who is celebrating.


Mentions on the forum index


As well as links in each calendar, events are also show on for forum index (right hand column) - so anyone can see at a glance events that are coming up. You may also see other events appear here that are in most people's calendar such as Bank Holidays etc.


More Info


When adding events - please un-tick 'All day event' and add a start time in the 12 hour clock format. No need to select an end date (unless your event runs for multiple days)


Please feel free to use all the usual enhancements to post including bold, underline, colours italics strike-through etc.


All new entries are subject to moderation, but we hope to relax this soon.

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