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Vs AFC Hayes

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I would like to see the formation we finished the game with last on Tuesday. Something seemed to click!


Hopeing for another 3 points to cheer...



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A very scrappy game not helped by a poor referee who didn't let the match flow and blew for countless free kicks with at least 80% in favour of the home team.........

We took the lead on 2 mins when after some dogged ball winning in a melee inside the penalty area the ball broke for Dan and almost lying down as he struck the ball it went in off the far post...

Hayes equalised on 45mins when Macca seemed a little slow coming out, never quite had both hands on the ball and was robbed and the player duly tucked it in the empty net.......

We were certainly the stronger side as the second half went on with sub Pietro looking lively and he was taken out by their keeper on 84 mins when chipping the ball over him he was blatantly chopped down and really should have been red but the ref bottled it with a yellow..... After treatment to the injured Pietro up stepped Ashley on 86 mins to put as 2-1 up.........

Jim was then very badly fouled and no free kick was given, play stopped several players got involved and he Hayes number 8 who had been mouthing off all game threw the ball in Kofi's face, he retaliated through it on the back of his head and both players got red cards..

A great 3 points, battling but not pretty and the pitch didn't help looking like a ploughed field in places....


Final score AFC Hayes 1 - 2 Tangerines :D

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A better performance than at Uxbridge i thought, while still not fireing on all cylinders. Hard working all over the pitch with Alex Duffy putting in his best performance to date in the Tangerine and white. The ref was terrible with blatant fouls going unpunished while petty stuff was. How the Hayes keeper managed to stay on the pitch after the most nailed on penalty was given against him after hacking down Pietro when through one on one is still a mystery, even to the linesman on our side!


I must say i was impressed with Hayes hospitality. Even though i was dressed straight from work, as a committee member i was still allowed into the hallowed boardroom for some quite excellent bread pudding. ;)

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A big thank you to the travelling supporters who followed two very important wins at

Uxbridge and AFC Hayes this week.

It was great to see so many of you at both games - the players and management certainly

appreciate it.

We also look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Meet the Players evening

next Saturday 10th March after the game against Rugby Town.


Thanks again,


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Bread pudding? It would have to be good to surpass my dearly departed Mum's fine fayre.


Can anyone (Sue C?) promise some bread and dripping anytime soon? A bit of brown sauce on it would be nice and send the health fanatics into "reverse" raptures - maybe a "past menus" feature for the future?.

Edited by Keith B
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