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1-1 today

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Slightly disappointing performance, and a disappointing result with Hornchurch winning. We certainly had the better chances, hitting the bar and post, and their keeper making a great save from Swaine late on. Having said that i dont think we played well enough throughout the match throughout the match to merit the win.


Monday obviously a massive game as it was always going to be. A draw or win will do us nicely, a defeat and it could be game over re the title with AFCH having a relatively easy run in.


Still all to play for, roll on Monday.


Nice to see a good crowd for todays game

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I wouldn't call wealdstone away easy.

I would expect whoever is top before the last day to win the league,not counting Lowestoft out but if it's between us two and Lowestoft are 3rd and can't be caught then I would expect them to field a weakened team with the play offs in mind

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What a fantastic crowd & atmosphere yesterday; nearly 900 with probably a handfull from Carshalton. Just shows what's possible.


A shame we didn't put on the sort of dominating performance that they'd have witnessed at the last few games but judging by the "ooohs" & "aaahs" when we were peppering the woodwork any newcomers had an enjoyable time.


Still top, still a couple of points cushion & still in the driving seat.


Roll on Monday.

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A strange game really - we had the best possible start but then seemed content to sit back and Carshalton came more and more into the game and looked quite lively up front. I thought we were better in the second half. They scored quite a well-worked goal though and then finally we decided to get motoring again.


It was a combination of bad luck and bad finishing that cost us the game. Think we clattered the woodwork three or four times and failed to hit the target with some pretty simple chances. On chances we probably deserved to win but Carshalton dug in and we just couldn't find the net at the end.


Monday looks like being a crunch game, a win and we are in a very strong position. I might be tempted to make a change or two (aside from the forced one) to freshen a couple of areas up a bit, but there's no need to panic. Isn't it great that we are involved in a battle at the right end of the table again.


Big effort from all required Monday - Come on you Blues!!

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Agree with jl, a strange perfomance from us, Carshalton were all over the palce, we took advantage and got a goal ,but then for some strange reason we stood off them and slowed the game down, that allowed them to settle and push us back a bit which in turn deteached Jay and Coutney..


But once they scored we got our game back, pressed all over the park, worked really hard and created those "ooohs" & "aaahs" that Rick mentioed. Sadlly no cheers though.


We have been playing better away from home of late, and i'd like to think our lads will show a responce to Fridays below par perfomance. So Mondays game should be a real Humdinger.


c'mon you Blues..

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Started and finished very strongly thought Carshalton did very well for periods of the game, still not sure how we did'nt score in the last 15 minutes couple of good chances two great saves as well as hitting the post .


Great turn out from the supporters shame we couldn't nick all 3 points.


It's all up for grabs on Monday now a massive game for everyone involved.

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I agree this is a game we could and should have won. I thought we had a clear penalty but the referee saw it differently. To be frank we "hoofed" the ball too much taking out our midfield who when they were played to performed quite well. We cannot rely on just kicking the ball high in the hope that one of our forwards will do something special. I cannot fault the effort and commitment of the players I think we are a better team when we pass well and create opportunities through midfield rather than kick to the forwards. The next games are vital, especially Monday when we need a draw or a win. I am confident we can achieve top spot we just have to hold our nerve. Good luck boys we are rooting for you.

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