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ESL Managers

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While we are on an issue that seems to be getting some sensible and constructive debate I thought I would look at the issue that has been highlighted as a cause of the ESL low rating at step 5 and that is the lack of new, young managers being given a chance and the same old faces popping up at different clubs. Below is a list of the clubs and their managers and the manager's previous clubs that I know of. I have also put in managers who may have started the season and have sinced been repalced.


Barking - Steve Munday - Unsure of previous clubs.

Barkingside - Matt Frew - First senior job.

Basildon United - Paul Larke - First senior Job - Chris Woods - Clapton, Mauritius Sports and Ilford.

Bethnal Green United - Justin Gardiner - First senior job - Kirk Whitelock/Myself - Eton Manor

Bowers and Pitsea - Jamie Warren - First senior job - John Doyle - B&P, Basildon, Romford?

Burnham Ramblers - Keith Wilson - First senior job

Clapton - Wilf Thomas - First senior job

Enfield - Kevin Lucas - Unsure

Eton Manor - Kevin Durrant - Ilford, can't remember the others

Haringay and Walthamstow Development - Tony Levoli - Waltham Forest, Leyton

Hullbridge Sports - Enrico Tiritera - Unsure

London Apsa - Zakir Hussein - First senior job

Sawbrigeworth Town - Peter Wickham - Unsure

Southend Manor - Russell Faulkener - Unsure

Sporting Bengal United - Mamun Chowdhury - First senior job

Stansted - Tony Mercer - Stansted

Takeley - Don Watters - Sawbrigdeworth - Steve Castle - Unsure

Witham Town - Gary Kimble - Burnham Ramblers


List is not totally complete so anyone with the necessary info can add it in. However on the face of it can we really say that he same old managers are popping up all the time at ESL level and new managers are not given a chance? Can we really say this is one of the reasons why the league is not highly regarded and is not doing well? From where I see it the ESL seems to be a league where people are given a chance to manager for the fisrt time at this level and also for more experienced managers to have another crack. I think the blend of new and experienced managers in the ESL would be no different to what you would see in any other step 5 league.

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Steve Castle previously managed Takeley when they were in the Intermediate league. He also had 2 spells as St. Albans City boss. Big Don also managed Stansted in the 90's & i think he also had a spell at Harlow. Merce is now in his 2nd spell as Stansted boss & also managed Waktham Forest. Gary Kimble was also boss at Tilbury & Aveley.

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After the reason posts about Woodsy taking the Clapton job, I just thought I would highlight what I have said in the above. Despite constant accusations that the same mangers are being recycled in the ESL out of the 17 teams that will start next season, Witham having been promoted, only 3 clubs have managers you could say are managers with previous experience with several clubs in the ESL.


Surely this shows that the problems with the league have nothing to do with the suggestions that it is the apparent use of the same managers/players that is dragging the league down?

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Kevin Durrant was our manager for about 6 games in 2008-9. I'm not quite sure how it happened though, he wasn't officially appointed, he just appeared in the dug-out with the previous manager, and the next thing we knew, he seemed to be in charge!


That wasn't a very good season for us...

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