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Welcome to the BS Conference South


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Thanks for the Congratulations :D


I know the players are looking forward to the tests ahead, and the fans are certainly up for it! Personally i cannot wait for some of the big-money guys to come down Thames Road, might be a shock to their systems, especially that tiny away dressing room!


As for a name change, the Chairman did mention that the league suggested we change it so that people knew where we were from, however with promotion to a different league that's been ignored from what i understand. If it were to happen, it'd be something like "Concord of Canvey" or along those lines. The club was founded at Concord Beach on Canvey, so the Concord will not be leaving the name any time soon. Also add to that the recent news that a record company have the same name and are looking to work with the club to promote each other (Concord Music, part of Universal), Concord are not going anywhere.


Oh yeah, we are all lunatics!

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