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The Margit debacle

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When or where is this debacle about where Margit play going to end?

Lets look at the facts:

Margit somehow get into the conference and convince the ground committee that Hartsdown is up to standard.

The Gate board come up with a wild scheme to redevelop the ground and build a hotel,casino and sports complex.

Margite bugger off to Dover for a 'strictly limited period'

The Margit faithful find Dover a geographical challenge and very few manage to attend games

The local council boot out the plans. The gate board finally come up with a far less ambitious proposal which is accepted.

Margit still at Dover.

Plans are put on hold as the funding goes belly up, the Company contracted to do the work disappears and historical

remains of old Margit season ticket holders are found on the site.

Dover finally get fed up with Margit and kick them out.

Margit get permission to play a 'strictly one off' cup tie at Swamplands (not very near Ashford).

This proves an even greater challenge for the planet thanet travellers as only 411 turn up for the FA Cup replay

with those titans of non league football Grays ( who win...but they should have won the first game anyway)

Margit get permission from the conference to extend their 'strictly limited stay' at Swamplands ( in the same county as Ashford).

Swamplands (somewhere in Kent) disappears in a localised flood.

Margit apply to the conference to play a 'strictly one off' jumpers for goalposts type game in Dreamlands car park.

The conference ground grading committee see this as a wonderful innovation and agree.

Before the game can be played a consortium get permission to build a hotel, casino and sports complex on the Dreamlands site.

Margit apply to the conference to play a 'strictly one off' deckchairs for goalposts game one the beach.

The conference think this is a wonderful innovation and agree.

The local donkeys (not the Margit back four) object on the grounds of restriction of trade

The local donkeys (Margit back four) are last seen practising their offside trap using synchronised pedaloes.

Nuff said

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The thing that I find most strange is that if it's true that they can play the rest of the season at Ashford, how come there is no mention of it on the Club's official website.


Is there a sting in the tail?

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