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The Doctor

a dartford view....Fleet gredy?

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so perhaps its time for them to look after us a bit more and they could start by loaning us a couple of fringe players


***Darren Smith, Danny Lye and Tostao Kwashi... what more do they want?




bearing in mind some of the grounds in our league FLEET and BURNHAM immediatly come to mind perhaps the lavish [expensive] facilities at the fleet are uneccessary and a less salubrous arrangement close to home


***Er... such as? The're not going to get a ground closer to home until they build their own. Unless they plat at Grenhithe or something.

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19000 for 21 games?? Approx £900 per game then - less if the cost includes Cup Games and Darts manage to get a few home draws.


Not bad for use of the pitch for 90 minutes, plus the remainder of the grounds facilities, surely??

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