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Trafford v FC United of Manchester

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Trafford FC 2 FC United of Manchester 3


A pretty even game. First half wasn't much too write home about apart from the opening goal, a cool finish from Mulholland when put through on goal and an effort that struck the bar from Shelton Payne after he beat 3 FCUM defenders.


The second half was much livelier. 2 goals in 5 minutes put Trafford in front, both on the break with a good finish from Shelton Payne, Michael Oates's effort nearly stopped on the line with players queuing up for a goal. 3 subs for the visitors changed the game. The first less noticeable, but an injury to a defender led to a switch round at the back and FCUM looked a lot tighter than before. The others, Greaves & Walwyn both scored, the former in the 92nd minute.


Both sides attacked in the second half and missed plenty of chances.


A defeat was very hard to take for Trafford.


Thing I learnt: Not every FCUM has bought into the 'do not give your money to Glazier Utd'. Saw a number of shirts with 'AIG' & 'AON' on the front. Thought the separation had very much been a financial one for the fans, sadly mistaken. Must drive the die-hards mad.


Match Rating: 4/5  

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