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Testing a new chat room!!


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I have now disabled the old chatroom, whilst I test a new chatroom on the site.


Currently this is visible to staff, moderators & Gold Members whilst we fully test it. So if you would like to take part, please feel free to sign up to Gold membership and help support the site. Running the site is not free, so we are very grateful for any contributions.  The new chatroom will be shown at the base of every page.


One of the great new features in the ability to additional chatrooms.


So for example we can create chatrooms for your club or league.


We will tweak the new service as the days go by.....


New features will also be added in due course to the chatroom.


Feedback welcome.....







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Yes, it will open to all as soon as possible


Sorry you feel that £10 is a lot per year. It is still £5 for anyone already gold when renewing, So no increase when renewing.


You do not get much for a tenner these days.....

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I have now opened the testing to all members :)


We will see how it goes!


Might have to be disabled at short notice, depending upon the server resources.



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Any Gold Member may request a club or league chat room for free :)  The rooms will be open to all, but obviously the chat will be tailored towards your club or league.


You can pop-out the chatroom to a new window on your desktop if you wish.


If the pop-up window is open use the '-' to close it.


There is no limit on the number of people in a chatroom and it will be open 24/7 (subject to no issues occurring) .


I plan to add the ability to chat via an iPhone or Android app soon, so that you can chat remotely away from your computer.



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Cheers Ian, Really glad i took up the gold membership, You obviously spend a lot of time and effort on the site so only fair that some of us pay back a little.



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