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Badgers look for stabilityNardiello carries on Nuneaton Family Trend

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Retford United have held an emergency meeting this week in their first steps to stabilise the club after a dramatic few days at the Jones

YOUNGSTER Jack Nardiello has hailed a family commitment to Nuneaton Town as one of the main reasons why he has joined the club this season.

Nardiello, whose dad Don played for the Boro as well as his uncle Gerry, joined Liam Daish's side earlier this month – and he admitted he had waited a long time to do so.

He said: "There was interest from Liam earlier on in the season I was told.

"I would have loved to have joined then. I would have gone sooner if I could of.

"I found out a few weeks ago, though, that the move could be back on and then when everything with me and Stoke City was sorted this was the first place I thought of.

"I really wanted to come here."

He added: "I am the third in my family to play here and I am proud of that.

"I am only on non-contract terms at the moment, though, so I have got to work hard and hopefully kick on from there."

Nardiello, who was a schoolboy at Leicester City before joining Stoke City, was only released by the Potters this month.

He is not the first former Stoke City man to make his way to the James Parnell Stadium and he admitted he hoped to follow in the footsteps of one such player he succeeded in the move.

Nardiello said: "Louis Moult did the same thing and he did well at this club.

"I am hoping to do the same sort of thing really.

"I want to come here and score some goals and do well during my time at the club."




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