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Supermarine set to launch the "Swindome"

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The following exciting information has been announced by Jez Webb, Chairman of Swindon Supermarine

‘You may well have heard, or will do, that an exciting project at Supermarine FC is nearing completion (Please see the club's website - www.swindonsupermarinefc.com - for photos of the development which started on August 10th). We have been very busy constructing the footprint for a 70 metre x 47 metre air dome which has been designed in Germany and manufactured in Slovakia.

This is being constructed over the top of an all-weather 3G surface. For marketing purposes this project will be known as 'The Swindome' at Supermarine. We have designed it so we can have three pitches running across the 47m width or we have dividing nets which can be easily drawn back to give one big pitch running lengthways. I feel it will provide one of the best indoor playing facilities in Southern England.

I took the decision early on to invest more finances by way of having a rubber shock pad installed under the actual playing surface. This provides the players with a wonderful comfortable playing experience and more importantly it is proven that a shock pad leads to lest stress on ligaments and joints.

The big day is this coming Sunday (15th November) morning when 30 - 40 club volunteers are on hand to help inflate the dome - this will take several hours. We have a complimentary bar all day so please do come and visit us! There will be a lot of press and media coverage so if you can't make it, I am sure you will read about it.

The system we are putting in place is exactly the same as Watford Academy & Standard Liege - it really is state of the art and once completed will be available for hire (early January). It is a new era for Swindon Supermarine and a very exciting time for everyone connected to the club - our valued sponsors, volunteers, players and supporters.

Please can I take this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful sponsors and volunteers once again for your backing and support, I always say how important this is because it IS important! Everyone at the club hope to see you all soon, maybe this Sunday or at a match very soon.

Thank you’

Source: www.southern-football-league.co.uk

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