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Raising a glass to volunteers

Brighton on holiday

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Unfortunately Brighton, volunteers and helpers are rarely recognised.


Cest La Vie

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Congratulations Warren on the Volunteering Award that you and your colleagues have received. I was at the Slough Volunteering Annual Awards Ceremony last Friday in my capacity as a volunteer with Destiny Support which is based in Chalvey. I wore my Slough Town FC tie and took the opportunity to publicise the work done by the volunteers at the Club (which was the subject of another recent thread). So there is formal recognition given to Volunteers and it is good that this is the case. What is also the case, however, is that as a volunteer you are surely carrying out your volunteering work because you wish to do so and the reward comes in the achievement and pleasure you get from that work. In my case I help with a skills and social club for special needs and this in itself is reward enough.

Getting an award as you have done is well deserved but hopefully you will agree that what you and your people have achieved was always the main aim; the volunteering award being the icing on the cake as it were (for my part I received a Civic Award for my volunteering work last year). At the ceremony I attended it was gratifying to see Young Volunteers recognised and awarded. So congratulations on your achievements to date and may your hard work bring continuing success. 

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