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Stones Foundation Trust marches on

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This Saturday Wealdstone FC welcomes Brian Lee, the chairman of the Football Conference Trust, who will be presenting a further grant cheque for £7,500 to the WFC Foundation Trust to help fund the its continuing involvement in the increasingly popular activity of walking football.

Brian is a true giant of non-League football having been Chairman of the Football Conference, is now the National League President as well as chairman of the Football Conference Trust.

Walking football is going from strength to strength under the auspices of the Wealdstone Foundation Trust. Having been launched in the summer months at Uxbridge Leisure Centre, it has largely moved indoors at the Botwell Green Leisure Centre in Hayes and at the St Helens College in Northwood. To date it has delivered 31 sessions covering 262 person hours of walking football. Participating numbers are increasing all the time, and there is every hope of setting up an additional venue where the activity can be offered.

There is a view that walking football is a non-strenuous and easy pursuit. If anyone doubts the exertion required to play the game then speak to long-standing Stones fans Jon Taffel and Sudhir Rawal.

Following a recent session Taffel remarked: “just about everything hurts – I wouldn’t have believed it.”.

Sudhir felt it to be “a terrific all round work out”.

Most participants however are from outside the football club and the sessions appeal to a wide range of the community.

The Trust has only been able to offer walking football to local people as a result of funding from the Football Conference Trust.

Having already provided £4,700 to launch the pilots, an application for further funding has been successful which is why Brian is presenting a further grant cheque to the Trust on Saturday.

With this new grant the Trust is planning to continue the two walking football sessions for a further 26 weeks.

It is intended to start another evening session when a suitable time and venue can be found this will also run for 26 weeks.

Source: www.footballconference.co.uk

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