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Meadowcroft joins Barnton coaching staff

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Barnton have confirmed that defender Danny Meadowcroft has joined Leon Knight and Andy Burgess in a player-coach role.

Meadowcroft still remains a valuable player on the pitch, but his leadership and experience will be valued immensely with the management team.

Of his new role he said "When Knighty asked and Andy backed it up it was very hard to turn the opportunity down. It's something I wanted to get into, perhaps it's come sooner than I thought but I've got good people around me to help and gain valuable experience from.

"I know the lads which makes it easier and a no brainer so we now kick on. Onwards and upwards. Be nice to get a promotion that I can put on the CV!"

The towering central defender joined Barnton from Northwich Victoria last summer, and has been ever-present in central defence since.

Meadowcroft's new role with the team comes after the club parted company with first team coach Andy Dawson.

Manager Leon Knight believes the reliable defender is perfect to take up the role with Barnton.

"With the club parting ways with Andy Dawson I felt it was right that meads, who has played professionally and knows the game at this level, was right for the role.

"There was no hesitation on his part and he has fitted right in. My assistant Andy Burgess mentioned it to me and it sat with me well so we got together and confirmed it then told the players, it was all done smoothly. Me and Andy are looking forward to working with him."

Source: Barnton FC

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