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Beans goes to Everton

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Transfer deadline. Gareth Coates makes the move from TheRPS to Everton on loan !


Good luck to Beano, Steph and the kids on their move up north!

Glad your still keeping your hand in with the Tangerines!

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Thanks, Dan. I would have replied sooner, but it has taken some time for me to reset my password!


I can report that the move itself went well and we are settled into our beautiful new home, Lilly has settled brilliantly into her new school (which is within easy walking distance) and I'm doing some freelance work which is keeping me ticking over while I find a new full-time role.


I've been keeping an eye on matches through Twitter and I'm sure we'll be back down from time to time, in which case I'll try to make sure I get to a game.

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