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CANVon tour


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mmmm the boards looking a bit boring..

i decided this year that after the xmas homestead bash for 20 that id spend the new year in sunnier climes.. so here i am in the canarys after a damn good fifteen pinter!!! fooking sunny as well..

anyway i dispatched the missus to the travel agents last october saying i am not doing a new years do in the u.k again untill my local stops charging regulars to get in on new years eve..

natch i dispatched a platinum card with her and bless her cotton socks she did me proud.. its a top hotel.. there a few too many krauts for my liking but there u go.. anyway the best bit is that its all inclusive.. i had no idea when i wrote the huge cheque out to barclaycard that they would give me this chance to make my money back.. hurrah! i am attempting to eat my own body weight in food every day and am natch on first name terms with all the bar staff.. i expect to break even in 2 days time!

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