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Ryman League - Kettering Town 3 Hornchurch 2


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The worrying trend of injuries to defenders continued after only 13 minutes of this game when Jamie Southon (filling in for the previously injured Steve West and Lee Matthews) limped off to be replaced by on loan defender Kevin Stephens.


It was not a great first half with Kettering looking very comfortable so it was a bit of surprise to us that we went in at half time 1-0 up. Our goal came from a 42nd minute Vinnie John penalty after he had been held back in the penalty area going for an Adam Locke cross.


The second half was much more action packed. Bradley Allen hit the post early on but Kettering equalised in the 63rd minute. Keeper Paul Pettinger floated a free kick from inside his own half into the penalty area where Jason Turner helped the ball into the corner. 6 minutes later Kettering took the lead. Richard Graham stole the ball in the penalty area after Stephens and Ollie Adedeji got in each other's way and pulled it back for Paul Fewings to slot home. Straight from the kick off Bradley Allen equalised for us and had a great chance to put us in front with a similar chance two minutes later after some great work from John Keeling, but this time he skewed the ball over. The winning goal for Kettering came with about 8 minutes to go when Graham curled a shot round Danny Gay onto the post and Jason Turner followed to head in the rebound.


Line-up: Gay, Gooding, Kerrigan (Opara 84), Adedeji, Southon (Stephens 13), Locke (Keeling 67), Graham, McGowan, John, Allen, J Martin. Subs not used:- Cowley, Collier (GK)

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we need a proven Goalscorer next to Vinnie, Two chances missed when it was easier to score. I felt our performance inmproved greatly with the introduction of John Keeling who makes bags load of chances which we squanderd. It's not like GB and the rest of the coaching side haven't tried bringing in strikers but none have really suceeded i think we need a proven Goalscorer who is scoreing goals this season. I try not to feel sorry for players (it is a brutal game) but presuming he was fit why Taff was omitted i don't know.

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I think this is why GB has tried different variations up front over the past couple of weeks. It has been obvious for some time that we do not have someone who can fit in next to Vinnie.

Dougie, Lloyd, and Taff have all been used, but to little effect.

Might be a time to change tactics and introduce an attacking 4-5-1?

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