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our favourite cup comp hoves into view again with us at home to ex arch rivals farnboro.. boro are now without ex white knight westly who fecked off to stevenage with all the arsenal loot and their best half dozen players.. seemingly obvious relegation candidates at the start of the season, a recent revival and some apparently good performances (a satisfying win over stevenage being one of em) has kept them in the fight for survival.. regular relgations and promotions have seen farnboro yoyo between the ryman n conf over the years..

many conf teams dont seem too bothered with the trophy these days seeming to concentrate on the playoffs or survival.. (bit like the premiership and the f.a.cup) the mid table teams are probably the ones that will be giving it their all..

for us this year the trophy takes secondary importance to achieving conf standard and joining farnboro, gravesend and aldershot...


but.. with a nice points cushion and with 25 of this seasons 46 leagues games under our belt already, we have engineered a little room to give it a good go this season without compromising our league ambitions.. no county cup or league cups to clog up the fixture list..


also it will show us exactly what the difference btween the top end of the feeders and the bottom end of the conf is currently like..

'IF' we make it this year then this game will show us what we will be up against in the all important struggle for conf survival.


PLEASE NOTE THE 'IF' as all canvey fans are now allergic to proclaiming any league success until 20 points clear with only 2 games to play, and even then we still check the goal diffs

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Thats one side of the battle and bang to rights Canv, The other issue is that with CIFC so far away from the 2nd-3rd-4th placed teams in the R-Premier those sides can afford to commit 100% to the trophy where as in normal seasons they would be protecting their best "league side"

adds a bit of spice

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I'm looking forward to the game on Saturday although mainly because it will nice to watch a game where I'm not too concerned about the result, while I want us to win, a draw would be the worst result for us as we have a very important tie against Leigh the following Saturday so could do without the replay.


Good luck this season, I hope you finally make the step up after being so close for years.

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Thurrock away to Wealdstone have this 2 teams one ground crap and are playing at Wealdstone Friday night

Its about time the FA pushed their trophy into prominence and demanded first rights in such situations with all games played saturday 3o/c K!O and if you don!nt have the rights to a ground that allows then don!nt enter, how are fans supposed to travel from work on a friday night to the likes of Edgware from Essex

The consideration goes to all and sundry except to supporters

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well as u well know pabird we have been on the wrong end of some crappy trophy resheduling.. maybe increasing the prize money, giving the trophy precedence, and maybe letting the semi finalists and above into the ldv or something..

making the fa cup the fourth champions league spot would improve that as well

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