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Boreham Wood Sackings

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Given that the firm hand of management at Boreham Wood has surgically removed any postings other than the official club statement, regarding the recent sacking of manager Steve Browne, Assistant Manager Troy Townsend, and release of players Veli Hakki, Clement James and Dean Palmer, I thought I'd open a thread on this forum for any Boreham Wood fans to voice their opinions, seeing that they aren't allowed that privilege on their own forum.


Wood fans, I've had my differences with you since Steve Browne was first appointed, but I'm not happy seeing your club remove posts that you made about this issue and blocking out your opinions. Post them here instead.

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Contrary to popular belief, Steve Browne and Troy Townsend asked to be released. Following this Veli Hakki, Dean Palmer and Clement James also asked for their release. Since then you may not be aware but the following players have also asked that they too be released; Lee Harvey, Daniel Brathwaite and Richard Evans. It is blatantly obvious that there are some serious problems behind the scenes at Boreham Wood. When will the fans be granted their right to know the truth or at least have the right to voice their opinion? The events of the last few days cannot simply go by unexplained.The lynchpin of any succesful club are its fans and it is an insult to the intelligence and loyalty of any fans the wood can still claim to have, to not be honest about what exactly has happened and if necessary accept some degree of responsibility.

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I've been looking at your more recent results (before the Great Wakering game) and they don't seem to be what you'd call 'disatrous' - is the 'non-appearance' of Browne a smokescreen for something more major? Possible money problems? Because they must have known that some of the players were loyal to Browne and might want to follow him out of the club. This is a sad time, because BWFC still have a chance of making the top 6.

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