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Non League On The Net - The Future

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I have been given permission by the forummaster to repost this message, so here goes.<p>As many of you will be aware, Non League On The Net is closing down at the end of February due to the termination of our contract with rivals.net.<p>However, Adam Hills (Hillsy) and I have decided that we will continue the Ryman coverage and things are well in progress for getting the new site ready for launch in 3 weeks time. It can be found at www.isthmian-league.net<p>The new messageboard is ready, but I am still on the lookout for a decent chatroom, that can be controlled to avoid the recent upsets and annoyances that have happened in recent weeks. If anyone has any ideas, please e-mail me on stevewtr99@aol.com.<p>There is also a new mailing list, which is intended for news, postponements, late fixture alterations and "sensible" discussion. The normal banter should go on the messageboard, so that we don't get 100s of unnecessary e-mails. The messageboard will be unmoderated, unless things get out of hand, and no registration will be required.<p>The mailing list is now available for sign up, and already the people are joining. Just send an e-mail to isthmianonline-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and everything should happen automatically.<p>All the regular updates will continue, with the exception of match reports, as Hillsy and I have decided we simply do not have the time to format these anymore. However, already 4 of our regular reporters have offered to format their reports, so the service will continue, and if you would like to see your clubs reports online, and can either use them, or write your own, let us know as soon as possible.<p>If you have any news at all about your club that you'd like us to include, just e-mail it to us, and we will put it on. If you want to write articles & features on your club, feel free, and again we will put them on.<p>We hope you will continue to support us, as you have done over the past 2 and a half years, as we launch the new site.

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