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Non League UK Update

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Hi,<p>As we have just had our 10,000 post made to the forums, I thought I would drop you a line, so please take a moment to read through this email, to find out what is happening...<p>If you have not visited us for a while, there have been quite a few changes, and more to come (but more on that in a mo...). The site is now called Non League UK (http://www.nl-uk.com), and is much more than just a few forums. We now have a news section, a results section, and a reports section, as well as our more established links section. So as we are no longer just forums, we can't really be called Non League Forums!!<p>Non League UK is committed to the Non League scene throughout the UK, and to this end we are introducing new features to help with your faith in Non League Football.<p>-=News=-<p>In our news section, all non league clubs, can now submit their own news stories to our news section (http://www.nl-news.co.uk), you can login as guest / guest and add your stories, even using HTML and images if you wish. Just follow the link towards the bottom right of each page in the news section. Full instructions and help pages are included.<p>Why not have your website automatically updated with the latest Non League stories? It is easy now to have your news page updated several times a day, just follow the links towards the bottom left of every page on http://www.nl-news.co.uk. This service is of course free of charge, and is fully customizable to fit in with your website and its colours and fonts.<p>-=Results=-<p>In our results section, we usually have the full-time results from the Conference, Ryman, Unibond, Dr. Martens & Essex Senior leagues within minutes of the final whistle. For a direct link check out http://www.nl-results.co.uk. Also in this section you will find the league tables from the Ryman League, we hope to soon be adding other tables. Again you can have a live feed of results on your website - just follow the directions as mentioned above. Is your league not mentioned?! - feel free to add the results from your league - you will probably get them before us.<p>-=Reports=-<p>Have you written a match report? Do you fancy yourself as a budding journalist? Why not submit your team's match report to our reports section - just follow the links towards the bottom the reports section - full instructions are given, and you can even link to you club badge or include photos of the game - see http://www.nl-reports.co.uk for more information.<p>-=Links=-<p>Don't forget our links section (yep you've guessed the direct URL - http://www.nl-links.co.uk) - make sure your club site is listed - if it isn't then you will be missing out on a lot of extra traffic.<p>-=Forums=-<p>Our original section - still available under the URL of http://www.nl-forums.co.uk - has had just over 10,000 posts in the last 6 months, and we will probably be welcoming our 1,000 member later this month. (Will he or she be from your club?!). If you haven't visited for a sort while, and wondered what was going on why not pop over to our daily summary page at http://www.nonleague.net/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_daily. Today for example you will see threads discussing the best burgers available in the Ryman League, the raising of money (£500) to shave Neil's head before a league game, or even what do before going to Football (the mind boggles!)<p>-=So what else is coming???=- <p>Well, we are seriously considering changing our forums software - we have almost 1,000 members, and can often have 40-50 discussions started or added to on any one day. Added to this, we have been asked for threads on our forums, as well as the standard 'flat-file'. We are currently trialling a new piece of software that we intend to launch later this month, if we do not get massive opposition. You can read about the new software on this thread - http://www.nonleague.net/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=000018, as you will see the new software offers many more facilities than the current software, although one or two of the bells & whistles are lost.<p>We have now been running exactly six months, and in that short time, we have evolved from a simple forum for the Ryman League as Isthmian.Com, through expansion of those forums, to include club forums, and other league forums. We then added a links section in November, and then expanded the forums out to cater for other non leagues. We have now expanded further and changed our name to Non League UK, and firmly believe that we are now on the UK's leading sites for the ordinary fans of Non League football.<p>We do have other plans up our sleeves, but at the moment we are keeping them under wraps, whilst we build and test the software ;-)<p>-=HELP!!!=-<p>Would you like to get involved with Non League UK - maybe you would like to be involved at the very top promoting and supporting all sections, or would you like to get involved by just promoting your own league, its fixtures, results and reports?? If you would like to help in any way, please let me know - we promise not to bite wink.gif" border="0 <p>-=Club Forums=-<p>One of the unique aspects of Non League UK, is that we offer club forums to every non league club, whether you are in the Conference or in a minor league - we currently have 11 club forums, but have room for many more - if the new threaded software goes live we are planning to allow clubs to have sub-forums - so maybe you wish to have a separate forum for questions to the directors, or for a prediction league - whatever your wishes, we plan to allow unlimited forums - These forums would then all be linked via a 'forum home page' for each club - how many free forums offer that? With many clubs hosted on services like Bravenet that keep going down, we guarantee that your forum will stay up (except for essential upgrades) - we control our own servers, and promise to constantly look to improve things for each forum - we can even customise each forum to your own club colours. If you would like your own club forum, please let us know - as always it is free....<p>-=Thank you=-<p>Thank you for your support over the first six months, and I hope that the next six are just as exciting as the first. We will always listen to your suggestions and comments - whatever you have to say. Please take a moment to look at the new threads software - if we go down that line, we will copy all messages, and all members over, so you will not be forced to re-register. So whether you have been a member for 1 day, or for 6 months, a big thank you for your support - without you we would not be where we are today.<p>-=Domain Names=-<p>You will have gathered by now that we have several domain names linked to the site - this means that if you forget our main URL of http://www.nl-uk.com, you can use any of the others to get to the same information. Some of the names like www.nl-forums.co.uk, www.nl-news.co.uk, www.nl-links.co.uk, www.nl-results.co.uk, www.nl-reports.co.uk will take you directly to the various sub-sections of the site. If you have a link on your site to any of the original names, do not worry they will all still work. With over 30 different names in use, we are sure that there is one that you will remember ;-)<p>Thank you for reading this email, and for being part of Non League UK.<p>Best Wishes.<p>Ian

Non League UK


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