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Something to make Radders angry


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It seems Windsor fans are trying to invent some songs for their players and they're going to make a songsheet as well.... here's some of their fine work ! (from the forum)


In our defensive foursome

He's absolutely awesome

At corners he will score some

Dave Tilbury!


Watch out, Scottys about

Watch out, Scottys about

You better watch out

Cos Keith Scott is about


Well Craig gets the ball you'll know that he'll score, That's O'Connor!


He'll skin the defence and break the net thats O,Connor!


He'll F!ck of on holiday whilst we play away Thats O'connor!


He'll start a fight coz he knows he is right! That's O'Connor


Repeat till fade


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That was only the wycombe supporters clapping...their ex players...nothing from the Windsor crowd....


as for calling us scum...oh dear oh dear...


us who have subsidised their team.....


That's not how your staff and Chairman would call us .....so how dare you ....!!


We are going through desperate times and you like to kick us when we are down...just shows how sad you are...





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Alcove_Man said:
Thats Football though Chris,
Im sure we would be doing the same if we were in their shoes

Yeah you would. And it's only a bit of banter! Take it like a man and come back with somthing witty! <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

If you hate slough town clap your hands! <img src="/images/graemlins/excited.gif" alt="" />
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Sorry, when we in the conference I don't remember given a [***!!***] about windsor in Ryman Division Two. Good luck to you, hope you find your way back to slag meadow when your bubble bursts which it inevitably will. I am sure mummy will still drop you off.

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I am IRATE! Sorry, have been away at Uni so couldn't reply. All I can say is, at least the Miller version rhymes but I'm not bitter. On the plus side for Windsor they won't have to waste too much money printing the song sheets for everyone. 6 copies should suffice. If only Wycombe fans came down every week, hey, your attendances wouldn't be too bad.


P.S. This comment is written in anticipation of a reply which features comments such as where's your ground gone/3-1/top of the league etc. If any Windsor fans can find a new response I'll be most impressed.

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a new one? Okay...We have a real manager not an acting one...oh and we have the best defence in the league...oh we have some FA cup semi final players in our team...oh we have a decent chairman...like me to carry on?

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