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Chairman introduces New Glossy Match Day Prog.

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Our Chairman, of a month or so, (Lee) has given the fans of Braintree a new glossy, silky prog, with colour pics, we have a prog, that would be the envy of 2nd and 3rd div league clubs, it is quality.. the dogs [****!!****]. I am told he did a similar one at Melford.

We even had it for last nights Essex Senior Cup tie last night first viewing of it. Pictures of BTFC V Canvey and BTFC V Heybridge.

OK so the price is 50p more, but when you see it, it is well worth it. (2.00)Maidenhead are the 1st league team to see it on the 24th.


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Your new matchday programme sounds very impressive indeed, Mark.


How many pages?


There are several different awards for 'Programme of the Year'. Bedford claim that title on the front of theirs and a very good read it is too. We did last season, too. Hayes is the best read in my view. Sutton's pretty good. The Urchins' is good for use to hold heavy doors open.


Perhaps you should think about entering yours.

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Even the ads? It sounds like a fantastic programme, Mark. I can't wait to see it when we come to your place.


Fettish? Eh? Big Rob? Who? No, you're on the wrong track there Mark.


It's quite simple really. However careless this sounds, our red tractor, its trailer and various accoutrements was mislaid in November/December 2001. At the same time, a Halloween pumpkin carved with 3 figures, a ghost, a ghoul and a witch, was mislaid too. No great value to the latter item, you will appreciate. A small work of art in a very rudimentary sort of way. A tea-urn and part of the P.A. equipment went at the same time as I recall.


As a result the chap who used to drive the red tractor was forced to cut the grass at Clarence Park with a hover. Mighty frustrating, as you can imagine.


Time passes and dims the memory, Mark, but we at The Mighty Saints haven't given up hope of recovering these items. I make enquiries from time to time as one never knows where these things will turn up. You came on here and as I hadn't spoken to you before, it occurred to me to make enquiries with you. We have a number of good friends around the Ryman League who keep their eyes open, too. Car boot sales, that sort of thing.


As for those involved in the disappearance of these things Mark, a thousand curses upon them. They will get their just deserts, of that I have absolutely no doubt.




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