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been quiet all week.. there has been a bit on the shrimps on another thread.. bloody goons a bigger game than the liverpool cup game years ago and they blow it at scarborough..

i'd feel sorry for em but seeing as some of their players gave it the biggun after they beat us at park lane.(just playing at being footballers etc) then fk em.. well the gobshite players anyway.. gotta feel for the fans a bit, even if they are shrimpers ;-)

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Yes, they had around 900 fans at Scarborough so they didn't lack for support last night. So both times Southend have met Canvey in the FA Cup, Southend have won, only to be knocked out in round 3 by a non-league club (Kingstonian Jan 01, Scarborough Jan 04). Maybe it will be 3rd time lucky for us...if we ever draw them again !

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So pleased they lost. Just watch the first 20 mins of our match against them at park lane. Two or three should of gone then. Dirty f*****s. Did you see Maher just pile into their players on last night's highlights. Sly b*****d he is.

Right that's kinda out of my system now.

Let's see how they react now, although they should just be good enough to stay up out of a bad bunch around them.

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What's he going to do next season? Do you think Sarfend will remain a full time pro outfit in the Conference? With their debts and the number of players who will leave in order to maintian their league playing status, it's going to be tough. Especiallly when the ground stands on prime building land very close to town centre.

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