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A.P.S.A. on the move ?

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Just read in the Romford Recorder that apsa are hoping to play their home matches at the Terrance McMillan Stadium in Newham next season. I thought this was classed along the same lines as Mile End Stadium, which was turned down by the ESL as a possible home venue for Sporting Bengal & Crown & Manor when they both applied to become part of the leagues constitution last year.

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As is the case with any club we will inspect their facilities first before recommending those facilities to the League, though in the case of London APSA, who we have always known were only temporarily sharing at Aveley, they are doing everything absolutely right at the present time of asking by seeking the Senior Status for the McMillan through the Essex County FA. This was not the case with Mile End Stadium which comes under the jurisdiction of the London FA . Just to put matters straight, Crown and Manor did not apply to this League , only Sporting Bengal, the former decided to play in the Middlesex League and, in fact, play Staines Lammas this weekend in the cherry Red with winners playing Basildon Utd.

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tigerfeet said:
so what does the stadium have then that is so special?

to me thats a silly question,no matter what it has it is their home venue which is a special thing to all supporters,officials and players.Using someone elses ground is never the same.Roll on the day when ETFC have our own ground with our own income strands.
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