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The Great British Driving Debate

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Did anyone watch this last night on ITV. clearly ITV's attempt to copy the BBC's idea (with Anne Robinson etc). however, they didn't succeed. Many of the questions were very ambiguous and unclear. This just proves that the BBC isn't as bad as many posters on thizs forum make out. The quality of BBC's programming is far superior.


HOWEVER, the one really good thing about last night's debate was Gabby Roslin. That leather catsuit she wore was soooooooo sexy. I just wanted to unzip it!

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Doh, I could remeber her maiden name but forgot her married name. Mind you that now brings up a lovely image. What about the two Gabby's in those very fetching cat suits!!!!!?????


Not sure what the pass mark was. Mrs H and I only got about five questions wrong though.

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Missed it on purpose. Watched Channel 5 about serious accidents in motor racing instead. Very interesting !

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Did you Know Gabby Logan nee Yorath's uncle used to play for Romford!


Re the questions, I didn't agree with giving way to pedestrians at that junction, I would have mowed the B&stards down.


Reminds of a mate of mine who on his 93rd attempt to pass his driving test was asked "what would you do if another car approached you with it's headlines on full beam" ...his reply was..........." flash them up and call them a c&*t.


Not sure what happened on attempt 94.

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