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Alan W (GNFC)

Signing Players

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Andy commented in his interview on RK tonight that he is constantly frustrated as he has tried to sign players from a higher level, which he feels we need, but they all want more than we can offer as they want full time football.


It meant a Yeovil player he was after wouldnt come to us earlier this week & led to the loan signing of Essandoh.


Sums up our frustrations this season really.

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.....but isn't it nice to know that Andy hasn't given up trying?


When they say 'full-time football' most of these players mean 'full-time wages' - being part-time doesn't stop them doing extra training or going down the gym so the argument of 'wanting full-time football' is rubbish. Some of these players need to learn that the lower levels of the nationwide just can't afford to spend on wages like some clubs used to.


If they 'love the beautiful game' so much why do some players seem happy enough sitting on the bench each week?


The answer, obviously, is the money.

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Well said FF.


It wasn't long ago that most 2nd & 3rd div clubs were talking of going part-time!


Apart from the extra training sessions, I can't really see a great difference between the teams. It's all about getting good players who work well as a team and are managed well also. I'm fed with the CK excuse 'well they are a full time outfit!' Also, I'm sure most players don't live on 20-30K per annum, they must still have another source of income??


Also believe, a good player will not just go for money but also a happy professional club with a respected manager.

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