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Ellis Brown, Mark Onyemah and Injuries Generally

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Ellis Brown and Mark Onyemah have been out for some time now and no information about them from the club.

Any ideas as to when they are likely to be back?

See Rickie Hayles was sub on Saturday so is presumably nearing full fitness.

Jordan Clark's injury at Harlow looked a nasty one so presumably he could be out for some time.

Nathan Cooper? 

On a previous topic, I am sure that Mr. Stimson will be able to get a keeper on short term loan.

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Ellis took part in the pre-game warm-up at Margate so hopefully that bodes well for the near future.
I spoke with Jordan as well and he said he had good news from the scan and there are no meniscus or ACL tears which had been a concern although there is still fluid and swelling. He hopes to start light training again and see what reaction he gets.
Nathan reckoned a couple of weeks as he passed me going into the bar after the game.
Haven't seen Mark for a couple of games which is personally a worry as I sponsor his shirt, but previously I sponsored Ronnie Winn so realise I am the kiss of death in this respect.

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