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Billy Bone

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Our new signing.

We obviously tried to sign somone from Canvey Island but got one from Treasure Island by mistake.

I blame the parents.



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Home United are one of the better sides in the S League. Having seen a couple of matches when visiting Singapore, in my opinion the standard out there tends to be the equivalent of Ryman / Doc Martens.

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A fellow literary man, I see, Ronnie.


Well, we've had a Blind Pugh & a Cap'n Flint (& I believe, before my time, a Hawkins & maybe an O'Brien) so Billy Bone (shame he's missing the final s) is most welcome, Jim, lad.


If we can't sign a John Silver, perhaps Hooky should re-name himself in the Robert Louis Stevenson tradition.


Away to Exeter, me harties. Time to give those lubbers the black spot again.



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Met Billy Bone a few times during my visits to Singapore. I can tell you that this former Sunderland player has a few good years left in him and is a hard working midfielder with a good shot on him and a strong tackle.


Can be a good middle of the park presence.


His club Home United won the double last season, his third with the club.


He thought it was about time to get back to England with his young family.


Wish him all the best at the Fleet. Should be a useful utitilty man to have around once he finds his feet again and acclimatises after playing in the tropics for some years now.

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