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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Lets gets some info going

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shocked.gif" border="0 OK I have decided that as I am going to be stuck with very little to do for weeks to come I want to become the Non League know all of the forums - feel free for any league just to give us the answers - lets see how many proactive boards we have out there.<p>I'll start with a league close to my heart - Liverpool Combination League - want to see how closely other leagues represent ours (Ryman):<p>Questions:<p>Whats your:

top club?

Richest Club?

Club who feel they are in the wrong league?

Surprises of the season so far?

Likeliest up for promotion/relegation?

Lousiest Chairman<p>anything else you wanna tell us about yourselves?<p>Obviously could end with absolutely zilch but here goes nothing <img src="graemlins/images/icons/confused.gif" border="0" alt="confused" />

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