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Windsor 1 Slough 4

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Where to start!!! 5 goals including another Hodge hat-trick, 4 sent off, a penalty and one of the best punches I have ever seen.


Slough dominated and could have scored second minute but Haddow put a decent chance into the side netting - and by decent chance I mean open goal. Hodge and Boot were lively, Windsor were pretty awful and Hodge scored 2 in the first half as well as hitting the post.


Second half Boot scored a fantastic half-volleyed chip from Hodges flick on and then it all kicked off. Carbon sent off for deliberate handball and Carroll scored the penalty, Windsor player sent off for lamping Boot and Boot as well, although I didn't see what it was for. Another Windsor player sent off and then Hodge wraps up the game with his third from a great Haddow cross.


What better way to spend Easter Monday afternoon.

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You mean Hodges of course RJB! <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


Great game. Windsor, were direct, physical, and to be honest, how are they top of the league? Their game must be so based around Keith Scott's physical presence up front it's untrue.


Word for the defence though as against two pacy forwards, they dealt with everything Windsor could throw at us, even when we were a man down on our hosts.


Good result, but lets make sure we keep grinding out results between now and the end of the season and make sure we get into the top six.

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didnt think it was a very dirty game to begin with...windsor were more niggly than dirty. no idea what booty was sent off for either. Anyone know?!?? and the sending offs broke up a game which we were dominating which was a shame... still think we were the MUCH better side though...and really should have sewn the game up in the first half by scoring thre more (realistically perhaps 2!)


any idea how many games boot and carbon will be suspended for? carbon has replacements obviously (riddell, steer etc) but we'll miss boot more i feel.

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Well any neutral there certainally got their monies worth. Thought all our players were outstanding today and can not fault any of them.


Word for the defence though who were excellent. Martin Moller's block when O'Connor rounded Fozzy was outstanding.


As for Hodgy - well what can you say! Tie him up on a ten year contract!


Anyone know how many games Carbon and Booty will be out for and what ones as that's a blow.

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Having a quick word with Roy after the game, Boot will be out for three games, Carbon one. Just the way we could have done without <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />


Mind you, Riddell, Deaner, Seedel, Miller could all go upfront?

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Just one critism, did Carbon really handle on the line?


Awesome! Best performance I've seen from Slough for quite a while, probally sinc the Dulwich away game.


What did Boot get sent off for?


Boot's goal must by goal of the season, any football league player would be proud of that goal!


Where are we in the league?

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What a tremendous game had it all hodgie was fantastic did not stop working for the team from start to finish as well as bagging hatrick

One of the steals of the season was the transfer of Murphy from windsor to Slough rock solid in defence along side Daly one of the main reasons why our season turned around when we were going nowhere

Only part of jigsaw missing are the midfielders getting into penalty area quicker to follow up on aproach play to add to goals scored by the strikers

Fantastic day to be a 'REBEL'

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# Team Ply Won Drw Lst For Agt GD Pts

1 Windsor & Eton 43 25 12 6 71 36 35 87

2 Lewes 42 26 6 10 102 59 43 84

3 Hampton & Richmond 43 24 11 8 77 43 34 83

4 Worthing 41 23 13 5 80 40 40 82

5 Dulwich Hamlet 43 23 13 7 73 50 23 82

6 Staines Town 43 24 8 11 79 50 29 80

7 Slough Town 41 24 5 12 90 57 33 77


Based on a 2-0 Hampton win (Don't know what the actual score was??) and Chris's other results above.

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Absolutely awesome, the game had everything and the boys played magnificently. Well done to both sets of fans as well for creating a great atmosphere. Tainted, of course, by the red cards (I have no idea what Boot did wrong either). Also cheers, once again, Mr Chuck Martini. And what a goal by Booty !


Man of the match has to be either Hodges (what more can you say about him that hasn't already been said??) or Alan Foster who kept us in the game with some important saves at crucial times. But then again, the whole team played well in this win.


Absolutely brilliant. Keep it up boys.



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Foster - best game for Slough

Carbon - good until sending off

Moller - simply outstanding

Daly - awesome

Murphy - as someone else said, steal of the season

Harris - does he ever stop working?

Wilkinson - tackling was brilliant

Hakki - much improved

Hodges - no comment

Boot - great goal and why was he sent off?

Haddow - industrious and great celebration in tribute to Chris S and Dom's home video

Miller - worked hard

Riddell - looks excellent on the attack

Williams - had one touch


Basically it was stunning. My favourite ever Slough match was Stevenage in the Trophy but this one tops it. From back to front we were brilliant from Foster to Moller to Harris to Hodges it was great.


One thing, Hodges MUST not start on Wednesday along with Daly, Harris and maybe Foster. My team for Wednesday


GK - if there is an alternative then not Foster

CB - Moller

CB - Murphy

CB - Barrowcliff

LM - Steer

RM - Carbon

CM - Hakki

CM - Riddell

CM - Wilkinson or Williams

ST - Boot

ST - Miller






Wilkinson or Williams




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great game and yet another derby game after maidenhead that we were really up for! now it is rare we can say that about Slough! Yeah don`t sending offs start two weeks after the offence so yeah he will miss the worthing game. Unless we appeal? Well done to everyone concerned for making me soooooo happy!!!

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