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Lee Protheroe

Richard C

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Good reception?? LOL, this is canvey versus gravesend that you are talking about. Most of our supporters have been waiting for someone to hate for 2 seasons. The 'git are crappy rivals! should be two excellent games next year, hopefully one midweek! and hopefully Kingy will open his mouth again and spice the occasion up just a little more.

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Well I like the rivalry between Gravesend and Canvey. The two games last time were played in front of huge crowds and were played in a pretty good spirit.

It will be good to have a rivalry with a club who have equal ambition. We have lacked a proper rivalry in a few years now.

I respect Gravesend for what they have achieved in the Conference. I didnt think they would last too long there but they have more than held their own.

Both them and Aldershot have shown that Ryman teams can do well in the conference and hopefully we can follow their example.

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rich sparkes said:
what is it with gravesend we dont give crap about them but they just go on and on about how much they hate us.

I totally agree with you - the whole thing is pretty stupid. The anti-Canvey chants have continued over the last two seasons at Stonebridge Road despite the fact that we have been in different divisions, which is absurd really. As Nols1974 says, it's just a false rivalry borne out of circumstances, owing to Dartford's presence in a league two levels below our own.
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