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Essex Senior League scores >>>

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I know one thing for certain:


If the Town had been able to play on a decent home pitch and/or matt Negus had played all season....we would have p*ssed this league.


Look at our away record ..won 11 lost 0 <img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Home record ..won 7 lost 3 <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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We need a groundsman - In a preseason Friendly with Bishops Stortford I met their Groundsman. He works there a lot of hours and the sprinklers are on 16 hours a day in the summer, but challenge you to find the mud!


We need a retired person who is willing to put that time in a labour of love and gratitude of the town fans? Know anybody? Maybe we can put together a rota to share the workload like the working parties!

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Are there any ilford supporters on the forum who would agree with me that the officials of the match against basildon saturday totally killed the game by being so poor, three offside goals and two red cards, one I would agree with but definitely not the second, these officials must have all been about seventy, definitely amongst the worse this season, they created bad feeling in a game that was not of that nature, god knows how many yellow cards he issued.

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Morning all....

This is the way I see it...

The fat old bloke who got sent off first of all deserved to go.Not for his second booking but because of the first one where he elbowed our player blantantly off the ball.The ref got that wrong by only issuing a yellow. His second yellow wasn't a booking at all but because of his earlier offence it was justified.

Your number 6..."Leeky" also deserved to go because of his constant infringments and late tackles. Surely you must have seen it coming. He was late time and time again. His red was deserved.

I was on the other side of the pitch when one of your subs got sent off but according to our bench he called the ref a W....r ! to his face. What did he expect...? A thank you...?

Basildon constantly berated the Ref...left their foot in for numerous challenges.

I agree that the Ref could have been a bit more diplomatic but come on.....You lost your rag and your discipline.

The first goal.....Richard Simpson was NOT offside. The second goal by Chris Stevens...the ball was played behind him by Devor therefore that was not offside and the last goal by Alleyne he played a one two off of your defender...!

The Basildon players stopped only because the Linesman flagged.At no time did the Ref blow his whistle. Whose fault is it if your players stop even if theres no whsitle..!


I'm not looking through rose tinted glassed or anything......

Its an honest opinion but your players lost their discipline. Yes the Ref wasn't great..come to that neither were the linesman however by swearing in front of them and constantly fouling its no-ones fault except the Basildon players.



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Phew quite a story foxy whats your day job sports columnist for national rag. Fair enough you have your opinions on the game and I agree with you on a couple yeh the first sending off and of course the players should play the whistle, but I still think that such poor officials create problems for themselves buy being just that and I still maintain all three goals were offside although thought Simpson took his well.But as they say football is all about opinions and we all see things differently. Good luck for rest of season anyway.

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Maybe for a top shelf mag....!

I do understand about your frustration. The ref certainly didn't use a lot of "common" in some circumstances but I actually believe the players pissed him of so much that he wasn't going to give you anything anyway...!


Good luck Bas......

Hope you beat Sawbo and go on to win the League cup.

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what are you talking about foxy? by reading your report above we can clearly see who you are supporting!!!

There is no point of arguing about the three offside goals!!

but as far a "leekys" sending off your coach/ manager whoever the young bloke was, he laughed at the decision which resulted in a second yellow card and clearly stated he would back us up if we lodged an appeal..


and as for leaving their feet in after challenges thats part of football and it wasnt just basildon commiting fouls.

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"Leeky" continued to make fould after his first yellow..! Surely he knows what follows if you constantly foul.....?????

Maybe not....

Three offside goals.....Take the last one for instance....

Danny Alleyne picks the ball up 10 yards inside his own half....runs...plays it through for himself...it clips one of your players and he goes through and scores....OFFSIDE...if u say so...!

Anyway....I still want u to win the cup...

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Still disagree with you about the goals not being offside and Leekys sending off, forgive me if I'm wrong but you seem to have a personal dislike of 'Leeky' he really is just a passionate player and it is true your manager actually told a referee that was watching that he should appeal against. Thanks for wishing us good luck in the cup though.

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