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A Scotsman goes to the dentist and asks how much it is for a tooth extraction.

"£85 for an extraction sir" was the dentist's reply.

"Och huv yer no got anythin' cheaper" replies the Scotsman getting agitated.

"But that's the normal charge for an extraction sir", said the dentist.

"What about if yer din't use any anesthetic?" asked the Scotsman hopefully.

"Well it's highly unusual sir, but if that's what you want, I suppose can do it for $70" said the dentist.

"Hmmmm, what about if yer used one of your dentist trainees and still without anesthetic" said the Scotsman.

"Well it's possible but they are only training and I can't guarantee their level of professionalism and it'll be a lot more painful.

I suppose in that case we can bring the price down to say $40"

said the dentist.

"Och that's still a bit much, how about if yer make it a trainin' session and have yer student do the extraction and the other students watchin' and learnin" said the Scotsman hopefully.

"Hmmmmm, well OK it'll be good for the students I suppose,

I'll charge you only $5 in that case" said the dentist.

"Och now yer talkin' laddie! It's a deal" said the Scotsman

"Can yer confirm an appointment for the wife next Tuesday?"

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