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You can stick your Ryman 2!

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No disrespect to clubs in Rymam Two or those wishing to join, but the whole priciple of expanding it is wrong, and not playing ball with the likes of the ESL,Comb Counties etc.


In the new structure, there should not really be a place for a Ryman 2, after all there will be no Dr Martens 2 or Unibond 2. Ideally Ryman 2 would have been disbanded and the higher clubs acomodated at the next level up and the remainder fed into the likes of the leagues already mentioned.


Lets be honest, many of the clubs in Ryman 2 currently must be struggling to survive what with small gates and the travelling they do is a little extensive.


The main issue though is by inviting clubs from the likes of the ESL they are in turn destroying them leagues. Next season, if certain clubs take up the invite to play in Ryman 2 the ESL could be down to about 13 sides, as nobody will wnat to come up from Intermediate football as the FA have pushed up the ground criteria.


As Ryman 2 is technically at the same level as the ESL, the FA should not have allowed this as it is a "sideways" move. The Ryman seem to have used bully boy tatics here.

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The football standard maybe the same in the Ryman 2 as it is in the ESL, but the ESL is a feeder, is it not, into the Ryman 2? Therefore, no club, particularly one with any ambition, could be blamed for jumping at the opportunity of getting a step further up the non league ladder. Yes, it may spell the end for the ESL as you know it, but that’s progress for you. I'd have thought a club of Romford's standing, with their fan base, would be all in favour of getting pushed further up the non league ladder??

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No the ESL is a feeder into Ryman One, Ryman two is according to the rules the same level as the ESL.


As I have siad before, I have nothing against clubs wanting to go there just feel it would be better for all concerned if the option was not available.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but a couple of months ago, I remember reading that Witham actually wanted to go back to ESL and were waiting a decision. Witham are currently 5th in Ryman 2, previously been higher up. So hardly a team like Edgware or Kingsbury who are always at this bottom Level.


Tony Last Witham Manager kept mentioning his frustrations with the governing bodies who were delaying on a decision. If he is happy for his club to go in there, that must make you happy?


Unfortunately he may not be allowed to do it.

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No teams are being relegated this year from Ryman 2 - others years they have been.


The original plan was for the Ryman 2 to become another league alongside the ESL etc. This would then feed into the Ryman 1 N/S in the same way as the ESL would.


I did here that this had now been dropped, and it would be as you were for the 4 Ryman leagues.

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