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'THE' Song From Yesterday


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The one based on Gloria Gaynor's I will survive was given it's debut airing at the Met. Police... For those who appreciated the song but didn't get all the words, they are below. A superb effort penned by our own BFR....


At first we were afraid

We were petrified

Been forced out of Wexham Park and couldn't field a side

But Eddie Denton came along

And he made our players strong

He built a side

And now we hold our heads up high


In Ian Hodge and Tony Boot

We've the best forwards in the league and they're not afraid to shoot

Alex Haddow getting goals, Glen Harris the new Paul Scholes

Smurf and Daly in defence

And the Milfer's on the bench.


Go Slough go, you've made us proud

For as long as Eddie is in charge we'll keep on singing loud

From the sidelines he has led

Even beating Maidenhead

Gilkes and Mickey backing up

And we won the Doxhill Cup


Rebels go

And win the league

For as long as Lewes haven't won we mustn't show fatigue

Beat the plods on Saturday

And then Worthing cos they're gay

Then Croydon

It can be done!

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Probably the best song, I have heard, alot of effort gone in by BFR hope it takes off for you.


Ours are usually not that dificult to remember but are catchy. You get more joining in then.

The Flag.


( P.S When we come to your place next season, in Ryman Prem, we will get to hear it then, or at our Cressing Road ground)

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Just an excuse to get out of walking round the pitch at half time, wasn't it Matt?


Has anyone got any suggestions for how we could change the last verse of the song before tonight. If someone posts an alternative on here this afternoon, I will happily print out a few and bring them along.



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Came up with this yesterday, again it is only suitable for one match but here we go


Rebels Go

Lets finish high

For if we can win three points today we wave this league goodbye

Second place is up for grabs

So lets beat these Worthing slags (nothing personal, just fits)

Then Croydon

It can be done

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