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Squashed Frog

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He sounded characteristically confused when I spoke to him this morning. He's out on the lash in St A first, then wasn't really sure whether he'd be coming to meet us, going back to London, or staying in St Albans. I said we'd text him before we were going to go for the curry.


I don't envy the hangover he's going to have on Monday morning, he's starting a 3-day stag weekend tonight.

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EFM's Librarian said:
Am I up for tonight? <img src="/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

I thought I was playing snooker with Zeal, followed by a curry then back to his for a few hours of 'cricket' - do you have something else in mind?


You are, but then i'm joining you for a curry!!!! Perhaps i should sit at the opposite side of the table of you!!!!! I realise you don't appreciate my humour and laughter!!!!!! Bless!!!!! You'll get used to me by the end of the night!!!!! It's all a good laugh!!!!!!

Zeal, i'm gonna bring a bottle of wine round to yours to get me and Mrs Zeal off to a good start!!!! What she prefer - red or white wine?
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