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Another Incident ...

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I've Just Spoken To My Mate Dan Who Is Also Known As 'Urchin Man' On The Forums !


He's Just Told Me That As He Was Walking Out Of The Ground He Was Hit On The Head By A Bottle Thrown By A Canvey Supporter.


Also One Of The Stewards Has Ripped His Nickelson Parker Coat Which Cost Over £100.


He Will Be Complaing To The Club !

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Yeah i saw that as i was walking out of the ground.


That other Mark was walking away from the club house and as he walked out of the ground he was having bottles thrown at him by the so called cavey fans coming out of the club house.


You see this was all done by canvey men not us so called chavs lol.

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Yellow Bungle said:
Don't you have your own forum?

You find that the "Urchins" take the idea of forum to it's full meaning as a tool to either, put ideas over and discuss them or wind other supporters up. They take concept of "freedom of speech" to every forum they can. Takes a bit of getting used to but they are harmless enough once you get to know them.

As I've said it's called freedom of speech...I would suggest you give it a try but I've been told that is a concept not preached by your club and Mr. King..... <img src="/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />
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<img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> Gazz! That's a good 'un.


Let's hope the Canvey lads who dared show "dissent" will be allowed back in next season.

They've waited long enough for this promotion.

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No bottles were thrown from Canvey fans as no bottles are given out. Any bottled drink is put into a plastic 'glass'.There was a plastic 'glass' thrown by one of our fans, and believe me, he was told in no uncertain terms, by several other Canvey fans, that he was out of order. As for people who were physically thrown out, they were people who had refused to leave after several requests, or had thrown punches. Also, on one occasion a headbutt towards a man in his sixties who was with his grandson. There was no blanket ban, only three or four idiots who had verbally insulted a Lady with children or who were violent. Also as far as Urchin boy being assaulted, the steward he spoke to after the game, was the steward alleged to have ejected him, but UB did not recognise him as being the one. Seems like he may have been caught up in the scuffle started by the violent Hornchurch fans who started the trouble. To finish, Hornchurch's chairman, manager and other officials apologised to us for the behaviour of the MINORITY of your fans and promised that when identified they would be banned from Hornchurch F.C. As for the genuine fans, you are allways welcome and good luck in the Conf south.

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